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    A film 28 years in the making!

    In less than 15 minutes, I explain Twin Peaks better than anyone has online, as far as I’ve seen.

    While I’ve read, heard, and watched theories that were interesting and entertaining, I’ve never found anything that quite broke Twin Peaks down the way that seemed possible to me after The Return.

    I’ve watched Twin Peaks since the air date of the first episode of Season 1 on network television. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about Twin Peaks and it’s mysteries and, while The Return certainly adds new ones, I think it holds the key to crack open the case of the whole mythology.

    I’m primarily doing this to entertain and have a sense of humor about my favorite show.

    I’m secondarily doing this to explain how Twin Peaks isn’t just random nonsense, which is the criticism I’ve heard from every single person who doesn’t like it. These 15 minutes show that if you think the show is just “weird for weird’s sake,” “has no story,” “doesn’t make sense,” or “is boring,” then I made this specifically for you, to tell you why you’re an idiot.

    Thirdly, I’m doing this for fans, like me, who have poured over everything related even remotely to Twin Peaks in a concerted effort to continually relive their favorite show. I thought I’d give you more content to enjoy along with all the rest.

    If you disagree with any of the theories presented in my movie, David Lynch’s thoughts on product placement should summarize my response.

    David Lynch’s thoughts on product placement:

    Lost Highway - Renegade Cut:

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    An Above the Cut Film.