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  • Bonnie Y Bonnie

    Here's my Director's Cut of "Bonnie Y Bonnie."

    This project started when a former friend asked me to direct from a script that she wrote.

    I say "former" because, in the middle of the project, she hijacked the decision-making process, essentially fired me as the director in the most passive-aggressive way possible, and I walked away with my own cut intact.

    I took an "Alan Smithee" credit as director on her version but I kept my name on this, my intended cut as the director that she asked me to be.

    I post this version here to commemorate not only a bit of work I'm pretty proud of, but also, the work of a handful of friends and collaborators who'd lost hours of work and sleep to do me the favor of donating their valuable time, creativity, and energy to my vision as the director of "Bonnie Y Bonnie."  I can't ever repay them so I hope they know how grateful I am.

    While I'm very happy with the final product of my Director's Cut, the experience was the worst in a long line of terrible experiences that have led me to question why I even bother being an artist and creating things with other people at all.  I've found that I consistently used to find happiness and mutual respect for years working with other people as a filmmaker until recently, when I've been consistently much happier and more respected doing anything BUT making films.

    This may be one of the last things I ever make, since the thought of not making things excites me much more than the thought of making them lately.  I'd rather be happy than stubbornly pursue a childhood dream that makes me miserable without exception, as has been the case of late.

    Here's to something or someone possibly changing my mind at some point in the future!