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  • "All Bad Vibes" - Producer's Cut

    This is the "Producer's Cut" of the music video for "All Bad Vibes" by Gimme Danger.

    I'm planning both a "Director's Cut" and a "Producer's Cut."  The latter is a homage to "Halloween 6" and its famously different versions.

    This cut focuses on the band performing entirely and will probably be used as a sales tool for their EPK, I'd imagine.

    The "Director's Cut" will focus more on my preferred "narrative" angle, for which filming is not completed.

    Unlike the "Bonnie Y Bonnie" project (see previous post), I was given creative control with "All Bad Vibes" as the director, even with this "Producer's Cut," so the distinction is more about my intended audience than delineating the author of the piece.

    After this project, I've only got one other obligation that may or may not materialize, and then, a clean slate.  So whether this is the penultimate episode for me or not, it's been an amazing ride making films since I was 8 years old and I'm very proud of the work I've done and the voice I've maintained consistently throughout my work.