I’m a freelance filmmaker (editor, cinematographer, producer, writer, director, actor, composer). I carry business cards and a Trayvax wallet.

I’ve made videos for Levi's®, Absolut, MIT, Esquire Network, Dolby, Trulia, Mercedes-Benz®, Canon® and others. I’m also a photographer. I’ve shot photos for the above clients and more.

I’ve made commercials, training videos, wedding videos and music videos. I’ve shot birthday parties, concerts, runway shows and TV shows. I filmed stock footage in San Francisco for a news network in Sweden once.

Lately I’ve been focusing on my YouTube channel where I review horror movies, make vlogs and create short films. I’m also in two bands. I like coffee and motorcycles.

I have a Patreon, where I’m accepting subscribers so I can build my channel into a viable living. It’s not there yet, but that’s because you haven’t donated. I’m also still accepting freelance work.

My nickname online is ATCWhitney because I created Above the Cut in 2009, my parents are George and Louise, I’m Whitney, and I’m still making videos that are a cut above.